LED Lenser P7.2 Professional Torch

One of the most essential pieces of equipment you need when you are camping in the woods or out in a remote location is a good quality torch. A torch can be a lifesaver, it can help you signal for help if you find yourself in a difficult situation and it can give you piece of mind when you are in a remote location on your own in the dark.

The first time I went on a solo camp to the woods, I had a tiny lamp to hang under the tarp, but I hadn’t considered all the strange noises that hear at night. It was a very long night as I had no way of looking around the area to see if anything had snuck into my camp, of course nothing had. It wasn’t long after that I purchased my first good quality torch. I researched the Led Lenser P7.2 Professional thoroughly before making it my my choice.  This torch is very robust and is often used by the military and police services due it’s tough reputation. The Led Lenser P7.2 is also waterproof making it a good choice for hiking in wet conditions, or use in heavy rain.

The Led Lenser P7.2 Professional  uses four aaa batteries, so they are readily available at most local shops if you find yourself short. I always carry a spare set in the top compartment of my rucksack, just in case. The batteries do seem to last a good while. Two things I really like about this torch are the bright beam at around 320 lumens and the beam focus slider which takes the beam from wide to a tight focused circle.

I have my P7.2 for about four years now and it has had some punishment over the years, but to look at it you wouldn’t think so. It still looks in almost new condition. I can definitely confirm that this torch lives up to it’s rugged reputation. This torch is currently on sale, see the latest price in the link below. I have had a lot of other torches and none of them have lasted as long as my P7.2 Pro.

If you decide to purchase the Led Lenser P7.2 Professional you will not be disappointed. It is another one of my core pieces of equipment and it is cheaper than you might expect for a professional quality torch.

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