Ray Mears Woodlore Fundamental Bushcraft Lochside Scotland

It is now confirmed that I will be attending the Woodlore Fundamentals Course in Lochside, Perthshire, Scotland in the Autumn of this year (2016). This is the first Fundamental Bushcraft course that Woodlore have run at Lockside so it will be a great adventure for all those attending.

The course lasts for seven days and involves many aspects of woodland survival such as, wild foot, tracking, trapping, foot preparation and cooking. In addition to this there will be instruction in knife use and carving plus shelter building plus a wide variety of other Bushcraft skills.

It will be a very interesting experience and I hope to come away from the course with a lot of new skills and knowledge plus a better understanding of woodland survival, and a stronger connection with nature. I have not camped in a woodland for more than a couple of nights so a full week of camping will hopefully help me me feel much more at home in that environment.

There will also be a wide variety of wildlife to observe including Roe and Red Deer, Otters, Badgers, Foxes and Ospreys. Hopefully I will be able to capture some of these in photographs to share with you on my blog.

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