Deadwater Fell, Kielder, UK – Snowy Solo Wild Camp

Deadwater Fell is located at the north or Kielder Reservoir at an altitude of 1873 feet. My walk to Deadwater Fell began at Kielder Village near the library.

The start of the walk takes you past Kielder Castle and visitor centre which is open seasonally between March and September.  There is also a cafe and public toilets, that cafe is open between 9am and 5.30pm.

If you are planing on doing the Deadwater Fell trail for the first time it is advisable to take a GPS and mapmap your route before hand or go with someone who has done the walk before. The route is marked with a red arrow but there are many crossing paths at Kielder and it is quite easy to take a wrong route.

Deadwater Fell is a moderate walk and walking boot are advisable as the terrain is varying. The temperature can vary greatly from down in the village to up on the top of the fell so it is advisable to take warm clothes, even in the summer the fell can be cold with strong winds. The last section of the trail is quite steep and has loose stone surface, this is designed for mountain bikes to descend form the summit. If mountain bikers are around it is advisable to take the spiraling longer route around the back of the summit   Please leave plenty of time to make your trip, if you are planning to walk there and back in the same day it could take a considerable amount of time, the distance is about 8 miles round trip and naturally it’s mostly up hill on the way there,  in some places it is quite steep walking. You do NOT want to walking in the dark. It took me over 2 .5 hours to walk there and just under 2 hours to walk back.

My first trip to Deadwater Fell was in mid April and I wanted to stay the night on the fell to see the legendary sunrise. I knew it was going to be cold so I was well prepared. I had two sleeping bags which were nested together for additional warmth and also a bivvy bag to prevent the sleeping bags from getting wet.  I knew there was a kind of shelter that I could use to get out of the wind so I didn’t take a tent. The temperature dropped to around minus 6 centigrade and the wind added a lot of wind chill. I would not recommend trying to camp out in these temperatures  unless you have the right equipment for cold weather and are experienced in cold weather camping.

Check out the videos below to see how I got on…

Please watch Part 2 to see the awesome sunrise and views from Deadwater…

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