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AlpKit Cloud Cover Quilt

I have added a new piece of equipment to my kit in an attempt to make my backpack lighter and to provide flexible sleeping options. The AlpKit Cloud Cover Quilt is a very reasonably priced lightweight down quilt, it has a 650+ white goose down fill and weighs just 460 grams.

I took the Alpkit Cloud Cover on a recent woodland hammock camp where the temperature dropped to 20160221_150609[2]0c/32f and while the quilt is not warm enough just to use on it’s own I inserted the quilt inside my lightweight three season sleeping bag and was very warm all night.

My plan is to use the quilt as a liner for my three season bag in the winter and colder nights and then use either the three season bag or quilt on its own on warmer nights. The quilts is suitable for hammock and ground camping and can be clipped together with attached plastic poppers to turn it into a sleeping bag. In the bag configuration I found that I had to leave the top poppers open as it was quite tight when they were all closed. The dimensions of the Cloud Cover are:

  • Length: 185 cm
  • Width top: 133 cm
  • Width bottom: 94 cm

The Cloud Cover also has chord at the top and bottom so either can be synced up to ladadream_456_456autoprovide additional warmth. The quilt material is very soft and comfortable against the skin, in fact the material is very fine.  The quilt has enough width to tuck the sides under to prevent drafts. I would say that if you are over six feet tall that the quilt would probably not be long enough, but it is just right for me at 5’11.

cloud-cover-stuff-sack_1200_801autoI was able to pack the quilt and my sleeping bag in the sleeping bags bag which meant that I didn’t have any additional space taken up by the quilt. I would only do this while traveling as they are both down and need to be left to loft while not in the backpack.

The AlpKit Cloud Cover Quilt does not come with a lofting bag so you will either need to make one or store it with another down sleeping bag.

I really enjoyed using the AlpKit Cloud Cover Quilt and look forward to trying it again soon.


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