Bergans Lavvo

P1120030Winter is approaching fast, so I thought it was the ideal time to check my Bergans Lavvo for holes or rips before the bad weather comes along. The Bergans Lavvo is a Tipi Tent and the model I have sleeps up to 6 people. That is, six people sleeping on the floor, personally I prefer a little luxury in the colder nights. More often than not I use a camp bed, well, it’s actually a Carp Fishing Bed with a memory foam mattress, it’s very comfortable. The thing I really like about the Bergans Lavvo is that it can accommodate a wood burning stove, a vital piece of equipment, in my opinion, for winter camping.

So, I packed the car with all the equipment and set off for some local woodland where I had permission to camp for the night. I found a beautiful spot and started to set up the Tipi…

Bergans Lavvo

The Lavvo looked in perfect condition and had not suffered any ill effects from spending the past seven months in it bag. It didn’t take very long to collect some firewood and tinder and get the stove lit. Once inside the Lavvo, it was extremely cozy, and the camp bed provided even more luxury.

One thing I had wanted to do for some time was to have a go at making bread on the stove and now was the ideal opportunity. I had brought all the ingredients with me and mixed them together in a big pan. Once the dough had been made I split it into two foil trays, to enable the bread to cook quicker. I only had space to cook one portion of dough at a time, but within twenty five minutes the first roll of bread was made, it turned out to be very tasty.

After my meal I settled in for the night and enjoyed the sound of the birds roosting and the distance sound of cows mooing. It was very enjoyable and I had a very comfortable and warm nights sleep. If you get the opportunity to sleep in a Hot Tent, you should definitely give it a go, it is a wonderful experience.

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